Hospitality Golf Classic

Date: July 2022

•The first Hospitality Golf Classic was held in 2022 with celebrity chefs Brian Turner CBE, James Martin and John Williams MBE.

• World Young Chef Young Waiter hosted the Golf Classic in partnership with The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. with an aim to promote hospitality as a career of choice, building the future of the hospitality industry by celebrating young chefs and waiters across the world.

• Hospitality Golf Classic is now to be an annual event with chefs playing on the world-class Old Head Golf Links, which occupies the stunning and unique headland of the Old Head of Kinsale, reaching out over two miles into the Atlantic Ocean, and is one of the most picturesque golf courses in the world.

• The Club has developed into one of the most recognised and sought-after golf experiences anywhere on earth with the finest in personalised service, and has been a partner of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. since 2020. The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is raising the profile of Irish whiskey, one carefully crafted single malt at a time and its partnership with the Old Head Golf Links is part of the company’s dedication to creating the perfect whiskey experience to surround its ultra-rare single malts.

• John Williams MBE from The Ritz London comments, “The Hospitality Golf Classic hosted by The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has been an exceptional experience. Old Head Golf Links is the best golf course I’ve ever played on and the whiskey tasting… well they were whiskeys like no other I’ve ever tried. As a chef I am blown away by how The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. works. You get all of these flavours flooding through as
you would when building the components of a dish. The way they operate with their casks to achieve this is amazing. I want to taste their whiskeys again as soon as possible!”

• “We had just the most amazing two days at the inaugural Hospitality Golf Classic – golfing with some stunning chefs and with our most incredible partner The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.. James Martin was the ultimate Hospitality Golf Classic Champion. Maybe one day it can be me! ”says World Young Chef Young Waiter Chairman Robert Walton MBE.

• Galton Blackiston, Owner and Chef Patron of Morston Hall also says, “The golf course, the hospitality, the whiskey at the Hospitality Golf Classic is unique. The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is second to none – I’m definitely going to make their whiskeys work with food pairings at Morston Hall!”

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