2023 is the inaugural year for the World Young Chef Young Waiter (YCYW) Monaco, competition and awards, in the Principality of Monaco.

The winners of the Monaco competition go on to compete at the 2023 World YCYW competition.
The newly named Lycée Rainier III, formally the Lycèe Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco, will host the Young Chef Young Waiter Monaco competition on the 5th October 2023.

The Monaco competition is open to all young professional chefs and waiters of 28 years of age and under, from any background, working in the restaurant sector, in the Principality of Monaco.

Finalists will engage with Monaco’s premier industry experts, to gain valuable key skills as well as making new friends in Monaco’s renowned culinary and hospitality sector.



Closing date for entries 21st September 2023

Young Chef Young Waiter Monaco Competition:

  • Entries are now open online for YCYW Monaco on our online awards platform https://youngchefyoungwaiter.awardsplatform.com/ Or on the link from the YCYW Monaco Homepage https://youngchefyoungwaiter.com/monaco/
  • Online entries will close at Midnight 21st September 2023, where a shortlist will be selected, by the Monaco judging panel.
  • Entry is free for Young Chefs and Young Waiters, who are 28 years old or under and working in the hospitality industry.
  • The Monaco winners will be announced, after taking part in a oneday live final on Thursday 5th October 2023, at Lycée Rainier III.
  • All Young Chef and Young Waiter finalists will be notified in advance of the format for the Monaco final.
  • The World Young Chef Young Waiter Final is scheduled for the 23rd 24th November 2023 and will take place in Monaco.

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Chef Judges:
Our expert judges represent the rich history of culinary expertise, with some judges being past pupils of the Lycèe Rainier III. They are all advocates for new
talent as well as being loyal and committed supporters of our food culture.

Waiter and Hospitality Judges:
Our waiter and hospitality expert judges come from the Principality’s leading hospitality organisations.

The Young Chef Young Waiter Competition, established in 1979, flows from a 44 year heritage, the global focus began in 2019.

This year twelve countries, including Monaco, will compete at the World YCYW Finals in November 2023, to celebrate culinary professionals and hospitality excellence.

Being part of the Young Chef Young Waiter of the Year Monaco, is a once in a lifetime experience. It is the chance for you to test your proficiency, gain new skills and progress your career with Monaco’s leading experts, as your guide.

The aim of the competition is to uncover the very best young talent in our industry.

Devised by respected professionals, the competition has a modern approach, focusing on tasks and criteria that are challenging and informative, as well as fun.

The competition showcases all aspects of hospitality: inspiring, empowering and inclusive.

We celebrate the capabilities and diversity of our amazing industry.

You are the leaders of the future. It’s your incredible expertise that Young Chef Young Waiter Monaco commends.

Leslie Giobergia – Deputy Headmaster
Rémy Garoscio – Proviseur
Robert Lee Mulcahy – Chairman YCYW Ireland & Monaco
Christophe Joublin – Directeur Délégué aux Formations Professionnelles et Technologiques, Secteur Hôtelier.
The Lycée Rainier III (Formally Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco) celebrates ten years at its new location, having relocated in 2013.

As the Sovereign specified in his speech, at the opening of the new college, in 2013: “The delivery of this building is part of the constant improvement of teaching resources in the service of the education of our youth. This, new, bright building, is equipped with specialized rooms allowing students to best prepare for their future profession.”

The Lycée Rainier III of Monaco is a prestigious establishment in the Principality. It welcomes pupils from Monaco, but also those from neighbouring municipalities.
Courses cover a wide spectrum of professions within the hotel and catering industry. These courses are characterized by high-level support, carried out by teams of teachers, recognized for their commitment and professionalism.

A practical approach to our courses includes students welcoming you to our onsite Restaurant, Le Cordon d’Or, where students are in the kitchen and in the dining room, supervised by their teachers, to offer lunches and dinners as part of their training.

Lycée Rainier III is proud to number many of the Principality’s chefs and hospitality professionals as past students and looks forward to continuing to promote the sector, as a career choice, and to continuing to train new students, to ensure an ample supply of new talent for the Monaco hospitality industry.

Entries are now open for 2023.


Further Details: RobertLee@mondrian.ie

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