NEFT Vodka expands its reach into the United Kingdom

Monday 20th February 2024: NEFT Vodka, an Austrian vodka brand renowned for its premium quality is made from a blend of four different varieties of European rye and oxygen-rich mountain spring water sourced from the Rhein River beneath the Alps. This exquisite Austrian vodka offers a delightful harmony of flavours and is packaged in a lightweight metal barrel that helps keep the vodka cold for hours.

NEFT Vodka will be participating at the prestigious London Summer Event Show, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience the brand’s signature smoothness and sophistication. Furthermore, at the London Summer Event Show, attendees will have the chance to witness Luigi Giannini from Coya Monte Carlo and the 2023 Young Mixologist Monaco Winner. He will be showcasing his expertise with NEFT Vodka, highlighting the versatility and craftsmanship that define the brand.

In addition to its presence at the London Summer Event Show, NEFT Vodka will host an exclusive cocktail pop-up at Jeru Mayfair. Guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience, savouring expertly crafted cocktails featuring NEFT Vodka as the star ingredient and delicious bites by Jeru. Luigi will also be introducing his newly created cocktail, The Monaco Fizz.

World Young Mixologist elevated by NEFT Vodka is a global competition that recognises, celebrates, and supports the best mixologists in the hospitality industry, motivating and inspiring them to build successful careers. NEFT Vodka elevates and sustains this competition, providing invaluable support to aspiring mixologists as they navigate their professional journeys.

About NEFT Vodka

With Its high grade, non-GMO rye and triple copper pot distillation process, this additive-free, Austrian vodka provides a rich smooth profile matched by no other. Crafted with only two ingredients, pure Austrian spring water and rye, NEFT can hold its own against any other sipping spirit and is pioneering a growing culture of elite sipping vodkas for trendsetters and spirits connoisseurs alike. NEFT’s versatility makes it exceptional on its own and a unique enhancer to any mixology creation.

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5th March 2024

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