Restaurant Association Award for Services to Hospitality 2020 sponsored by Fabergé

Brian Turner CBE was awarded The Restaurant Association Award for Services to Hospitality sponsored by Fabergé at the Restaurant Association’s Gala Dinner on 24 February 2020.

UKHospitality and The NTH Degree Global joined together to host the third annual The Restaurant Association Gala Dinner, Celebrating Excellence in Food & Wine Service on Monday 24 February 2020. The prestigious event was held at The Savoy Hotel in the heart of London with title sponsors Mercedes-Benz London, Arla Pro, Cayman Islands, Unilever Food Solutions. The Restaurant Association Award for Services to Hospitality for 2020, was designed and sponsored by Fabergé, was presented to Brian Turner CBE by James Martin. The event raised £25,000 for Hospitality Action, which works to provide hospitality workers with financial, physical and psychological support to help them overcome adversity and get back to work as quickly as possible.

The concept of the award came from Sarah Fabergé (left) and was designed by Sarah Fabergé and artist Joey Richardson (right). It was created by Joey Richardson.


This unique egg objet award, created by Joey Richardson for Fabergé, represents many elements of Brian’s life.

If we look closely, amongst the many symbols and illustrations, we can see references to the Yorkshire Rose, his father’s cafe, fish and chips, the Tuba, the Salvation Army, rugby, cricket, the London Marathon and Brian’s charitable interests including the Anthony Nolan Trust. Joey has paid homage to the opening of Turners of Walton St, his many TV appearances and books and of course his Michelin star and Presidency of The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. The colourful butterfly (the artists symbol) here represents Brian and the smaller butterflies are his trainees.

The base of the egg references both Yorkshire’s sandy coast and woodlands. The emeralds (kindly donated by Gemfields) not only represent the green forests of Yorkshire but the “Emerald” Headingley Stadium.

A look inside the egg reveals one of Brian’s legendary recipes, a stack of yorkshire puddings!

Brian’s career and his many interests, documented on this bespoke egg objet are “crowned” by a chef’s hat”

Full Details/Joey Richardson’s Creators Notes:                  

There are four elements to this award:

The main body is a turned sycamore egg, created with reclaimed local timber from Scawby/Twigmoor Estate, Joey’s childhood home. This part contains all the embellishments. The egg represents both Fabergé and food creation.

The base/stand created with reclaimed local box wood. The yellow wood represents the sand of the Yorkshire coast and the bark on the wood represents Yorkshire’s woodland and forests Brian being a Yorkshire lad.

The finial is a small carved chef’s hat in sycamore again created with reclaimed local timber from the estate of Joey’s childhood home.

Inside the egg are a stack of Yorkshire puddings, one of Brian’s legendary recipes and of course Yorkshire.

Pierced panel 1: 

Yorkshire rose, Michelin stars and a butterfly. The butterfly is Joey’s symbol. Here it also represents the diversity of Brian’s creations and the metamorphosis from mere ingredients to fine dining.

Below is a colourful butterfly representing Brian surrounded by smaller brown butterflies i.e. the young chefs that he supports through the PM Trust, Future Chef, Roux Scholarship etc. The butterfly is landing on a shoe cracking an egg and represents Sarah Fabergé.

Airbrushed panel 1 

Wave shape, fish representing the Yorkshire seaside and Brian’s fish recipes. Two Y’s for Yorkshire.


Emerald chips from Gemfields to compliment the fish. The stand and base are inlaid with emeralds.

Emeralds represent Fabergé, the green land of Yorkshire, trees, moss and Brian’s love of sport. The Emerald Headingley Stadium, Yorkshire’s home to rugby league side Leeds Rhinos, rugby union side Yorkshire Carnegie, The Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Yorkshire Emeralds Hurling Club.

Textured panel 1 

Wave shape, Tuba, music notes, rugby ball, cricket bat and ball for hobbies and interests. The receipt of Brian’s Michelin star in 1971.

Textured panel 2 (coloured) 

TV representing his TV shows and appearances and a book symbolizing his recipe publications. Wooden spoon for cooking. Salvation army shield outline and SA initials with music notes.

Textured panel 3 (coloured) 

Swiss Alps, Mont Blanc.

Pierced panel 2 

CBE, Michelin star


A Butterfly with the Union Flag on its wings landing on a mixing bowl representing both his book, “Great British Grub” (a collection of sumptuous dishes which conjure up memories of childhood and home) and how Brian has changed the perception of British food. This award was created with reclaimed timber from Joey’s childhood home. Joey’s mother, a farmer’s wife, cooked many of these traditional recipes. The butterfly is Joey’s trademark and also represents her children.

Textured panel 4 (coloured) 

Waves for the sea, Yorkshire coast, foot logo for moonwalk, runner for London marathon, racehorse (hobby) but also recalls when Brian rode at Royal Windsor Racecourse for The Princess Royal Trust. Bacon and eggs represent his father’s café. Lines from The Anthony Nolan Trust. 1986 represents the opening of Turners of Walton St, Fish and chips for Yorkshire seaside e.g. Scarborough, Filey, Bridlington etc.

Textured panel 5 

Turner’s with the R forming part of the logo and the loop for the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts of which Brian is President.

Airbrushed panel 2 

The loop for the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and two T’s for Turner but can be Y’s for Yorkshire depending on the angle viewed. As mentioned, the butterfly is Joey’s symbol but here it also represents how ingredients morph into a recipe and fine dining.

Curled panel 

Joey Richardson and Sarah Fabergé are members of the Worshipful Company of Turners of London. This wooden egg was turned on a lathe by Joey. This panel shows an impression of the design by Fabergé for the Worshipful Company of Turners brooch thus linking Brian Turner with Turners (i.e. the origins of his surname).

President of the Restaurant Association Robert Walton MBE, Sarah Fabergé, recipient Brian Turner CBE, artist Joey Richardson and chef James Martin, who presented the award.

27th February 2020

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