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Competition rules and regulations 2019


Young Chef Young Waiter (YCYW) 2019 is being organised and operated by the Nth Degree Club UK in Association with UK Hospitality and many other leading hospitality partners. The Nth Degree’s registered office is: Wyvols Court Basingstoke Road, Swallowfield, Reading, Berkshire, England, RG7 1WY. Registration number: 06724633

The overall purpose of YCYW:

The competition launch is May 2019 with on line judging taking place through the months of June, July, August and September. The final of the competition will be held at a central London Venue where live judging will take place for both Chefs and Waiters. These regulations will be published on the YCYW web site and will be updated from time to time.

All participants are invited to carefully read the regulations:

By participating in the competition, participants declare that they understand and accept all the clauses contained herein.



1. Aim of the competition

Promoting Hospitality as a career of choice, a profession and a vocation. The opportunity for all Chefs and Waiters taking part to celebrate their talent, enhance their professional development and above all support their personal vision of the world of food and service, having a positive impact on our profession at large.


2. Participation period

The competition will be launched at the end of May 2019 via a link to the YCYW web site. All participants will be asked to register online to take part. Online registration will be permitted through the months of June 1 to September 15 2019 The applications will be shortlisted to 40 from the online applications and these 40 successful candidates will then attend the live judging semi-final and final to be held on the 28th and 29th October 2019 in London. The final after party will be held in an exclusive London venue on the evening of the 29th October 2019.
Important note: It is therefore important for all participants to ensure they are available during the semi final and final dates as of the first online registration phase.


3. Participation requirements – Please read carefully


4. Live final

The live semi final and final will be held in London on the 28th and 29th October 2019. The shortlisted finalists will be contacted in plenty of time and should be available to come to London on Sunday 27th October and stay in London the nights of the 27th and 28th October 2019. This will be paid for by the Nth Degree Club (the organiser).

The finalist party will be held on the night of the 29th October.

Each chef will be provided with all the ingredients required to provide the dishes required that will be judged. The Waiting teams will be provided with the relevant equipment and items required to perform their tasks that will be judged.

The tasks will be performed in a relevant London venue that is equipped with the workstations required to perform the tasks. Transport to and from this venue will be provided by the organiser.


5. Promotion plan

All YCYWs finalists will be promoted through our media partners and provide visibility throughout our profession. It is intended that the event be designed to give recognition to the vast talent that exists in our profession and to provide a platform for the successful candidates for the future. The competition is endorsed and fully supported by UK Hospitality and the Restaurant Association of Great Britain.


6. Data Protection

The personal data of participants will be collected and used by the organiser, as well as suppliers and relevant parties involved in the management and organising of this event, in compliance with the provision of the data protection policy of the organiser. This can be found here.

By participating in the venture, participants are invited to provide their consent (optional) to receive additional promotional correspondence from the organiser, selected partners and for signing up to the organiser’s newsletter. By providing this optional consent, participants agree to receive emails and or correspondence regarding the organiser’s products and services.


7. General Clauses

These terms and conditions provide all the necessary information to take part in the competition. By taking part in the competition, participants accept all the clauses contained herein

The organiser will organise all accommodation for the semi and final of the competition and include transport from the hotel to the competition venue

All personal expenses are the responsibility of the participant unless otherwise agreed between the participant and the organiser

Participation in the semi final and final and the title of YC or YW are non-transferable and have no intrinsic financial value. The organiser shall not accept any responsibility for any damages or losses suffered by the participants as a result of their participation in the competition, without prejudice to the responsibility of the organiser in the event of death or damage suffered by the participants deriving from the negligence of the organiser

Any decision made by the organiser regarding any aspect of the promotion shall be considered final and irrevocable

The organiser shall not be held responsible for any delays or the impossibility to fulfil its obligation following an interference, action or omission, event or circumstances beyond its reasonable control (eg because of war, terrorism, a state of emergency or natural disaster)

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