The Winners of Young Chef Young Waiter Hong Kong 2023!

After months of anticipation and preparation from Feste Group, we have the final results and winners for Young Chef Young Waiter Hong Kong 2023!  The Hong Kong chapter of the competition took place on October 18th, 2023 at More Good (sponsored by Nordaq) where our chef and waiter finalists battled it out for the top spot and a chance to compete on the global stage at the World Finals. 

Videographer: Anthony Ho (@ah_foodphotography)

At the end of the day after completing multiple challenges that culminated into serving a three-course lunch for a small group of VIP guests, the judges have chosen our winners. 

The Chef Winner of YCYW Hong Kong is Ardy Ferguson from Belon.

The Waiter Winner of YCYW Hong Kong is Teddy Tso from The Ritz Carlton.

Chef Winner Ardy Ferguson with Tegan Waters and Shane Osborn | Photographer: Samson Lam (@doubles.fotography)
Waiter Winner Teddy Tso with Tegan Waters and Kristina Snaith-Lense | Photographer: Samson Lam (@doubles.fotography)

Our Chef Judges (Shane Osborn, Richard Ekkebus, Caleb Ng, and Yenn Wong) watched with careful eyes as the Chef Finalists had three hours to prep for service, taking the time to chat with each contestant about their menu and their process behind what they were cooking up.

Our Waiter Judges (Kristina Snaith-Lense, Lindsay Jang, and Chili Ma) evaluated our Waiter Contestants as they set up for service based on their chef partner’s menu and conducted interviews with each contestant among a list of other tasks, including a champagne pour challenge sponsored by G. H. Mumm.

Judges (left to right): Caleb Ng, Yenn Wong, Chili Ma, Lindsay Jang, Shane Osborn, Kristina Snaith-Lense, and Richard Ekkebus | Photographer: Samson Lam (@doubles.fotography)

Photographer: Samson Lam (@doubles.fotography)

VIP guests arrived for a spectacular three-course lunch and our finalists did not disappoint.  Artistically crafted with some of the finest ingredients from Feather & Bone and Nomad Caviar,  each menu was driven by the contestants’ own stories and memories.  Paired with top-quality service to match, our waiter finalists took the best care of their guests, including two of our ambassadors, Jason Cohen and Gavin Yeung, as well as Alisa Chau representing our media partner, The Beat Asia.

Chef Winner Ardy Ferguson’s three-course lunch | Photographer: Samson Lam (@doubles.fotography)

Chef Runner Up Angus Wong’s three-course lunch | Photographer: Samson Lam (@doubles.fotography)

Ambassadors Jason Cohen and Gavin Yeung | Photographer: Samson Lam (@doubles.fotography)
Organisers (left to right): Natalie Fong, Abby Cadman, and Tegan Waters from Feste Group, with Sean Valentine from World YCYW | Photographer: Samson Lam (@doubles.fotography)

After much deliberation from our judges, our winners were announced at the awards ceremony later that evening.  Surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues, we presented our winners, Ardy and Teddy, and our runner-ups, Chef Angus Wong of Amber and Waiter Donika Thapa of Mr & Mrs Fox, with their certificates and prizes, looking sharp in their uniforms provided by Chef Works.  It was a night filled with celebration not only for the winners, but also for the community we brought together in the F&B and Hospitality to champion innovation, creativity, and the passion that continues to keep the industry alive.

Originally established in 1979 in the UK in partnership with UKHospitality and the UK Restaurant Association, YCYW promotes hospitality as a career of choice, a profession, and a vocation. For more information, visit our website at or our Instagram page @ycywhongkong.

The best of luck to Ardy and Teddy who will represent Hong Kong in the World Young Chef Young Waiter Finals this November 23rd-24th in Monaco!


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